Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Well Groomed Man

"That's gay!" is a phrase I used to hear when I told guys I got my eyebrows waxed.  Although, using the word "gay" in a derogatory sense became more frowned upon than drowning a cute puppy at my high school.  (I'm sure it's still kosh' in the South.)  I get it fellas.  Waxing one's eyebrows doesn't sound like the most masculine activity in the world but I'm here to tell you otherwise.  In fact, being well groomed as a man can be one of the most manliest things you can do.  (Sort of.)

Let's think about this.  As guys there are certain things we tend to do when it comes to grooming.  We go get haircuts, we comb our hair, we shave, and we clip our nails.  We do these things for a variety of reasons.  We groom ourselves for hygienic reasons (hopefully), to look our best, or even to attract females.  Just like we don't like it when females have hairy ass legs (at least I don't), females don't like guys that just look sloppy.  I'm not here to tell you what girls want in a man.  Even though I am El Guapo I don't know what every woman is into.  I do know this though: I don't like girls who are into guys with hairy backs.  Part of the reason why I groom myself is because I like girls who can appreciate a well groomed man.  

Now back to this eyebrow waxing business.  Naturally I don't look like Helga from Hey Arnold! but my eyebrows have room for improvement.  I don't want to use tweezers because I don't have nimble hands so I go to a place called European Wax Center.  Now there is no sign anywhere that says "For Women Only".  In fact, there are a number of male waxing options at this spot.  It's not a place where they'll judge a guy for getting waxed.  Of course if it were a place that specified that it was only for women I probably wouldn't go there.  Now in case you were wondering, it doesn't really hurt that much.  I just went last week and it went smoothly.  I have to be honest, the conversations I have here are different than the kinds you might have in a barbershop.  In the barbershop you might talk about that LeBron dunk the other night or about how Chief Keef ain't no hitter.  (If I catch another motherfucker talking shit about Chief Keef I'm fucking beating they ass!  I ain't fucking playing no more!  I feel Keef!)  I was talking to the esthetician about how I saw The Lion King earlier that week and she told me about he favorite musicals.

I didn't go and get super thin and perfectly shaped eyebrows.  I just got rid of unwanted strays and kept some thickness to maintain some masculinity to my face.  The point is you guys don't need to worry about this not being manly because I do it, and who's manlier than the Guaps himself.  And this applies to other the other things as well, like pedicures.  I've never gotten a manicure in my life, I can clip my own fingernails, but I enjoy the occasional pedicure.  It feels nice, they clean my feet, I get to read a magazine while they clip my nails,  and it's so convenient.  (I haven't been able to touch my toes since I was 13 or 14.)  What part of that sounds feminine?

Now I'm not telling you guys to go out and wax your eyebrows or get pedicures.  You are men.  (Unless you're not.)  And I can't tell a man what to do with his life or his eyebrows.  All I'm saying is if you want to do extra things to groom yourself don't be afraid that you'll be called feminine.  If you're not insecure about your masculinity there is no need base your decisions on how you are perceived.  Now if you are secure in your masculinity and just don't want to do these things that's fine.  If you have bushy eyebrows and if you are okay with that by all means let them be.  If you like bowl cuts don't feel pressured to get yourself a signature GuapoCut©.  If you're a tad bit chubby and you are comfortable in your own skin, as long as you're healthy there is really nothing wrong with that.  At the end of the day you are a man because you make your own decisions. 

And thus concludes my 10th post.  Yes, 10th.  I am so glad that I've been able to keep on writing and that you guys have kept on reading.  I'm back in LA County and I'm ready to start my second spring semester at Dominguez Hills.  This is actually my first spring semester at Dominguez Hills given that I took a break last spring.  I am pretty excited to start school but I'm even more excited to continue writing this blog for you.  As always follow me on Twitter @ElGuapo3 and leave suggestions of something you might want me to blog about.  Stay Guapo out there!

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  1. You know a young nigga is gonna go get a pedicure next weekend. some folks like callouses, i prefer to feel like im walking on a cloud.