Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Warriors Clinch Day!

Hello everybody!  Guaps here just wanting to say Happy Warriors Clinch Day!  Clinch Day is basically the equivalent of Christmas for kids but much more rare.  And better.  With today's win the Warriors have officially clinched a spot in the playoffs for just the third time in my life time.  The first time was in 1994 and I was just a baby.  The second time is the We Believe season back in 2007.  I think most Warriors fans will share my sentiment when I say I'm just as relieved as I am joyful.  As a Warriors fan I've experienced a lot of hardships and a lot of heartaches.  I remember crying as a child when the Warriors were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  Those were a lot of tears for a lot of seasons.  (You could probably fill up a kiddie pool with those tears.)  I don't cry anymore because I'm a grown man but I can admit when the Warriors don't make the playoffs it does make me sad.  Not today though!  Today I smile!

We have seen terrible injuries and bad exits from some of our favorite players.  We have been waiting and we have been waiting years.  We have been waiting for this day, for this moment.  Our team has been made fun of.  Critics have shown a lack of respect for this organization.  Not today!  Today we are rewarded for our patience and loyalty.  Today we experience something special.  Today our team is acknowledged and respected.  I truly believe the worst is over.  From this point on I believe we will make winning a habit.  Today We Believe came back.  But this time it's not a one season visit.  We Believe is back and it's here to stay.