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My 10 Favorite Warriors Players

Happy Halloween folks!  I'm sure you're as excited as I am.  Many of you have that crib decorated with spiderwebs, pumpkins, and tombstones.  October 31st is such an exciting time, and not only because it's Halloween, but also because this is opening night for the Golden State Warriors.  Tonight people will be dressing up in amazing (and not so amazing costumes) and while tonight I've decided to dress up at Tom from Parks and Recreation (played by the talented Aziz Ansari) underneath my costume I will be sporting my Stephen Curry jersey.  Unfortunately here in LA they don't show any Warriors' games so I'm left to rely on my phone to check out the scores throughout the season.  But that still does not hinder my love and excitement for this team so for tonight's blog I will countdown my top 10 favorite players to ever put on a Warriors' uniform.

So a couple of things I have to say before I kick this countdown off:  I was born in 1993.  I'm 19 years young.  And I probably didn't become a Warriors fan until 2003 or 2004.  I think 2004 is when I became a really dedicated fan.  Meaning up until that point, being 2003 and before that, I really wasn't paying attention to the NBA.  Sure I caught a few games here and there, but I wasn't really paying attention to who was playing.  I just liked watching people dunk.  The point is this isn't a list of the Top 10 players to ever play for the Warriors.  This is a list of my favorite players to watch as a player for the Warriors.  So if you're asking why Rick Barry and Nate Thurmond aren't on this list it's because those dinosaurs played decades before I emerged onto this earth.  I never got to see Run TMC play so don't be surprised if Chris Mullin or Tim Hardaway aren't on this list.  And although Antwan Jamison and Gilbert Arenas did play for the Warriors while I was alive, I just didn't really care about the NBA at the time and never really got to see them play.  That being said here are my favorite players since I first became a Warriors fan circa 2004.  Enjoy.

10. Mickael Pietrus (2003-2008)

Oh, Mickael, you lovable French bastard.  Always full of personality.  I remember when I first found out he was French the first thing that came to my mind was, "Why is he black then?"  I was so young and naive.  Anyway, this dude was a corner three specialist.  He played some defense and dunked it every now and then, but his spot was that corner.

9. Kelenna Azubuike (2007-2010)

The Warriors have had a habit of picking up players from the D-League.  All the time.  Some of them have worked out (e.g. Reggie Williams) and some haven't (e.g. Chris Hunter).  Kelenna definitely worked out for us.  He was never a star or anything like that but he was consistent.

8. Al Harrington (2007-2008)


I'm not super crazy about this guy, but without him the Warriors wouldn't have had that amazing We Believe season.  He came to us in a trade that shipped away Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Troy Murphy (Thank God!), hit a bunch of threes for us, then a year and a half later decided he wanted to leave.  Last time I checked he's playing for Orlando Magic and I saw him on Attack of the Show.  That's not too bad, I guess.

7. Andris Biedrins (2004-Present)

Honestly I want to put 2004-2009.  I don't know what the fuck this guy is doing with his life anymore.  I guess he just lost all confidence.  Either way for a good 5 year span he was a consistent double-double kind of guy.  At this point of his career though he's happy to get to touch the ball 2 times a game.

6. David Lee (2010-Present)

Not the most exciting player to watch but he puts up numbers.  He goes out there and gets those rebounds and finishes.  Pretty skilled big man, but I just wish he'd add some flare every now and then.  And if you've been keeping up with this blog you know how much I love flare.

5. Stephen Curry (2009-Present)

Young Steph Curry is a nice player indeed.  He has that range, he has those handles, and he can dish the ball too.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he won the Skills Challenge during the All-Star break once.  (I just checked Wikipedia.  I'm right.)  I just love watching this guy play.  This will be his first full year without Monta Ellis so this is basically his team now.  Only problem is he has weak ankles.

4. Stephen Jackson (2007-2009)

Captain Jack!  You can't not love this guy and his fast break threes.  We got him in the same trade that got us Al Harrington and helped the Warriors in their playoff run.  This guy was dynamite in a Warriors' uniform.  The dude hit 7 threes in game 6 of the first round of the playoffs against the Mavs, who we beat, and he did that shit with flash.  Every now and then Nellie had him run the point, and every now and then he would deliver.  Sure you can complain that he was constantly getting hit with technicals, sure he thought he was better than what he actually was, sure he fired a gun outside a strip club and was involved in Malice in the Palace, and yes he did leave the Warriors on bad terms, but that's what made him such an exciting player.  Currently he's back with the Spurs AND he's a rapper.  Talk about moving up in life.   

3. Baron Davis (2005-2008)

Baron.  After all these years I just want to say that I forgive you.  It took a while, but then I got to reminiscing about the good old days.  He was out there rocking the full beard before James Harden decided to do it.  At his peak with the Warriors I could say he was easily one of the top 5 point guards in the league. Easily.  He could do no wrong.  He had them handles, he threw those dimes, he had that flash and most of all he was clutch.  You might not know this, but they sometimes call me Crunch Time Guapo and everything I learned about being clutch I learned it from him.  This dude was fucking sick.  When he made those alley-oop connections with J-Rich it was like watching art.  And every now and then he would come in with that slam dunk.  He put the team on his back during the We Believe season, and for that I'm forever grateful.  Then, before the 08-09 season, Baron decided to leave the Warriors and join the Clippers.  Yes, the fucking Clippers.  And not the Black Griffin/Chris Paul-having Clippers, I'm talking about the Chris-Kaman-Is-The-Best-Player-They-Have Clippers.  But like I said, I have finally forgiven you.

2. Monta Ellis (2005-2012)

It was sad to see him go last season.  I basically watched him grow up on the basketball court.  His relationship with the Warriors was kind of like a roller coaster. He got that "Most Improved Player" during his second season, the same season we beat the Mavs, and I think we all knew he was going to be a really good player.  But then he decides to ride a moped and fucks up his ankle pretty badly.  (Dumbass!)  But the kid comes back right where he left off and better.  Even after the ankle injury this guy was one of the fastest players in the league.  He was a pure scorer.  If he only knows how to do one thing, it's putting the ball in the basket.  He's done amazing moves so effortlessly (with flare), where as when I attempt them I usually pull a hammy.  Yet every single year he was snubbed from the All-Star team.  Every single goddamn year!  (Seriously, how was Chris Kaman an all star guys?)  Hopefully he can get a spot now that he's in Milwaukee.

1. Jason Richardson (2001-2007)

J-Rich.  Probably the most exciting player to watch as a Warrior.  Back to back Slam Dunk Champion.  Even when I was a small lad I would watch the games just to see this guy dunk.  He doesn't do much of that now over in Philly, but in his prime this dude got up there.  And he wouldn't just settle for for a simple dunk.  J-Rich would say, "Not today!" and windmill that shit.  And if not he'd do a 360.  Why not?  J-Rich was the epitome of flare.  Then when Baron Davis came in J-Rich said, "Let's just alley-oop it every time."  Somewhere along the way he started hitting threes.  Now, that's all he does.  For me, Jason Richardson is by far the most memorable player to play for the Warriors.

Okay guys that's it.  The countdown is done.  Fin.  Hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys enjoy your Halloween.  Let me just sprinkle some advice on you before I part ways.  Fellas:  Remember, if you get her drunk it's considered rape.  So make sure she can't identify you.  Ladies:  Please don't wear a slutty costume if the product is not for sale.  It's so misleading!  Kids:  This is the one time of the year you can take candy from strangers, so enjoy!  Married couples trying desperately trying to rekindle their flame:  pop in a scary movie, then have a go at it.  You're kids are having fun, why shouldn't you?  Pets:  Relax, you only have to wear that tonight.  Weird people living alone with those pets: floss is not an acceptable treat to give to kids.

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